Meiri Games
Visual Novel | PC & Mobile

Working as the UI Artist, I created mysterious and alluring UI for Hydrangea, a romance/psychological horror visual novel inspired by the Hanahaki disease trope. Downloaded over 2000 times with many reviews praising the art and design.

My Lord is Hiring

Team Saikou
Management Sim | PC & Mobile

My Lord is Hiring is an upcoming a job interview simulator set in a medieval fantasy world.

As the UX designer, I help ensure seamless player experiences throughout the game. The game is set to release in early 2025.


Matchwork Studios

Interwoven is an upcoming RPG hack-and-slash, following the tale of Alrion and Gylfie, two unlikely allies caught in between the war of the Wood and High elves.

As the sole UI Artist, I am establishing the game's visual language and producing all UI assets.

Rolling for Romance

Hermit's House
Visual Novel | PC

A slice-of-life visual novel with DnD elements, created for Otome Jam 2023. I created all the sprites and designed the GUI.

Let's stay connected!

I'm open to full-time employment opportunities and other creative projects. I look forward to working together on something great!