Project Details

Aware is a mobile app aimed to help women get an ADHD diagnosis quicker, by streamlining the process of finding specialists and setting appointments.

Tools Used



UI/UX Designer, Researcher, Copywriter

Problem Space

Many adult women struggle to receive a diagnosis, almost 75% of women remain undiagnosed, and about 46% are often misdiagnosed with another illness.

While ADHD diagnosis and treatment exist in Canada, the process could be improved to better accommodate the needs of women struggling with the disorder.

Hypothesis Statement

I believe that by making all methods of ADHD diagnosis easily accessible for Canadian women, it will help them receive diagnosis and treatment faster.


Design Process &
Research Methods

User Interviews


Task Flows



Usability Testing


Key Insights & Themes

Understanding & Clarity

Many women want the sense of clarity that having a diagnosis brings, while also understanding the process to get to that diagnosis.

Convenience & Speed

Canadian women would like to receive ADHD diagnosis and treatment faster, but are unable to because of long waiting periods between appointments.

Lack of ADHD Representation

In comparison to more well-known illnesses such as depression, ADHD in women lacks public knowledge and awareness, making it more difficult to come across resources in daily life.

Wireframe Sketches


Greyscale Wireframes


Usability Testing Results

Users were able to complete the required tasks with minimal difficulty and confusion. While users were able to achieve the goal, there were a few issues that they encountered that slowed their progress.

For example, the psychiatrist list not being obvious that it could be dragged up to reveal the full list.


Hi-Fidelity Prototype

After revisions to the task flow were made, these changes were then implemented to the final hi-fidelity prototype.

What Aware Accomplishes

Helps streamline the process of receiving an assessment and diagnosis by guiding the user step-by-step.

Lessens the workload a user needs to take to search for a psychiatrist by including all the information needed in the app (psychiatrist history, reviews, and location).

Providing additional resources that a user may need to help them on their journey to get assessed. 

UI Illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!

Key Learnings

Importance of User Testing

I've learned just how vital user testing is to create a well-designed application. It was easy for me to assume that what I designed made perfect sense, until users interacted with my prototype in ways I didn't expect.

Wireframing Workload

Although I've had prior experience creating wireframes, this was my first time doing a deep dive into the process. I found it very enriching to get a better idea of how projects such as these go from sketches to prototypes.

Next Steps

Elaborating on Medication Functions

Aside from being able to book appointments, it would be great to add the function to place orders for medication through the app, as well as automatic re-fills, and possibly giving psychiatrists notes on the effects of the medication prescribed. 

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