Moving Forward - Intern Onboarding

Re-designing the onboarding process to help interns better manage their workload and track their progress.


UX/UI Designer, Project Manager

Tools Used


About Moving Forward

Moving Forward is a non-profit organization that aims to provide low-barrier mental health services in Canada. They offer a wide range of services including counselling, social work, and other mental health assistance.

The Problem

Moving Forward hosts over 100 interns each semester. Each intern is required to complete an onboarding process. Our goal was to improve this experience, helping them locate essential documents and schedule meetings with supervisors faster.

My Role

I worked on this project in a team of four as a UX/UI Designer and Project Manager. My responsibilities included:

Conducting primary and secondary research

Designing prototypes

Directing user tests and interviews

Handling correspondence between the design team and the organization


Understanding the Problem

To get a better understanding of the onboarding process at Moving Forward, we interviewed the executive director and three interns, as well as looked at the onboarding experience of other organizations (this included medical service adjacent organizations as well as school platforms).

After gainings important insights, we were able to distill it into three specific features that would be included in the re-design.

Help Interns see Supervisor schedules with ease.

Ability to navigate through pages and resources quicker.

Ability to keep track of onboarding progression.

Calendar View

Interns are required to attend a certain number of supervised meetings. The supervision schedule was formatted as a list broken down by the days of the week. While this layout was serviceable, it made it difficult for interns to quickly scan which supervisors were available at what time, as well as whether certain meetings required registration or not.

The revised design lays out the information as a calendar that can be toggled between a weekly or monthly view. This design also allows interns to easily see how many are attending, whether attendance is required, and which supervisor will be hosting the meeting.

mf_schedule-comparison_original mf_schedule-comparison_redesign
Schedule layout comparison

Alphabetized Resource List

Interns are provided with a variety of resources, from training documents to exercises for clients, it's imperative that they are easily accessible. The original layout, though organized alphabetically, had no way for interns to search and sort through the list and would have to manually scroll to find a specific document and/or use a shortcut.

The revised layout offers interns the ability to search through these resources via a search bar as well as toggling certain letters on and off to further narrow down the list.

mf_resources-comparison_original mf_resources-comparison_redesign
Resource layout comparison

Task Completion

When interns first start their internship at Moving Forward, they must watch several videos and read documents to complete their orientations. The original design had no way for interns to keep track of their progress.

With the revised layout, an intern can easily track their progress with a circular progression bar, status tags, and checkboxes. By giving this visual feedback to the intern, they can have a better sense of their internship journey, as well as have better organization by knowing exactly which documents and videos they've already reviewed.

mf_orientation-comparison_original mf_orientation-comparison_redesign
Onboarding layout comparison

Outcomes & Learnings

Positive Feedback

Overall, interns were happier with the new layout. Noting that it was much easier to find certain resources and schedules.

Managing Project Management

This was my first time managing a rather big project, and I learned lots! Great communication really is the cornerstone of any successful project, ensuring that everyone from the design team to the organization are all on the same page is incredibly important.

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I'm open to full-time employment opportunities and other creative projects. I look forward to working together on something great!